Alfa Intes was born in Naples in 1941 and is recognized by the Gelsomino Family in 1964. The company is present on the domestic market since the 70s and, thanks to a steady growth over the years, it has organized its own distribution network and scientific information. In addition to the headquarters, which is located in the industrial area of Casoria (NA), ALFA INTES currently uses a number of offices and warehouses throughout Italy, for a rapid and widespread occurrence and distribution throughout the country.

Today the company has more than 8,000 customers, produces drugs and medical devices exclusive for the practitioner and represents a pool of international companies and manufacturers of diagnostic equipment and ophthalmic surgery.

Company Profile

Azienda2013ALFA INTES confirms ophthalmic industry leader with an extremely wide range of products to meet all the needs ophthalmologist.

Alfa Intes has three divisions:

Division Pharma with production entirely Made in Italy of pharmaceutical products.

  • Diagnostics Division can provide all the equipment from the simplest to the most advanced technologically.
  • Surgical Division which spans all areas of surgery: surgery of the cornea, cataract, vitreoretinal, glaucoma and ocularistica with special equipment for the operating room.

The extreme variety of exclusive brands distributed in Italy by Alfa Intes can easily to appreciate the complexity and the high professionalism of all those who work there.


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Alfa Intes for Social

socialeokALFA INTES has always cooperated with international organizations (WHO, UNICEF, Doctors without Borders) through the provision of pharmaceutical products for the treatment of serious diseases affecting developing countries.
In particular, it yields a specific ophthalmic ointment for the treatment of trachoma, the leading cause of blindness in the Third World, where one in four people are affected by this serious disease and loss of sight.
Trachoma is an infectious disease caused by a microorganism, Chlamydia trachomatis, and poor sanitation facilitate the spread that occurs from person to person. Children and women are particularly affected, as well as representing the reservoir of infection. Prevention is, therefore, very important, but the treatment of endemic forms is a challenge to the international non-profit organizations which are dedicated to a particular effort. The use of eye ointments based on tetracycline antibiotic is the mainstay of treatment of trachoma and where international programs have operated, eg. in Morocco, trachoma was defeated.
The contribution of Alfa Intes this battle is active: thanks to its manufacturing facilities are dispensed every year several million packs of tetracycline ointment.
At the national level ALFA INTES is engaged in projects to educational addressed to Doctors Ophthalmologists. We believe that the professional development of young ophthalmologists is very important and therefore we work by organizing training workshops (both diagnostic surgery) in various therapeutic areas at Italian centers of excellence.
We also support scientific research, allowing the allocation of funds to specific research projects in the field of ophthalmic aimed at the development of innovative products in the therapeutic, surgical and diagnostic.
Alfa Intes is a fully Italian company specialized in ophthalmology, has the mission to develop, manufacture and market medicines, medical devices, instruments for surgery and diagnostics for the Italian ophthalmologists and their patients.


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ricercaAlfa Intes research aims to develop products for major ophthalmic diseases and for the most important diagnostic and surgical practices.
The manufacturing facility has the task of producing drugs and medical devices with the highest production standard European GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).
The three product lines Pharma, Surgical and Diagnostic, promote and sell products and services with high added value, with the goal of putting the Italian ophthalmologist in the best scientific and technical and operational, to deal with his daily activities in health facilities Italian public and private.


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storiaThe The ALFA INTES was born thanks to a Neapolitan entrepreneur, Dr. Mario Gelsomino, notes that in 1964 the company "Splendore" many regional.
Mario Gelsomino transformed the company, started working with some prestigious venues College and began to develop different medicinal ophthalmic opticians offer a complete range of products.
At the end of the 70's, Mario Gelsomino perceives the need to provide to ophthalmologists the possibility of using eye drops and ointments in single portions and introduces this type of packaging, which is implemented only after many years by many pharmaceutical companies and widely spread.
In 1979 he built a new production site, still based company. From that moment on, the activities of the growing exponentially thanks to his managerial skills, his vision and his deep knowledge of ophthalmic pharmaceuticals.
The Company strives to keep pace with the rising expectations of the operators, ophthalmologists, developing drugs and diagnostics specifically designed for your specific needs. Foreseeing new markets, faces in the field of specialized instrumentation and acquires the exclusive representative for the territory of renowned multinationals, which quickly leads to the forefront of international sales.
Develop at the same time important foreign contacts and gains confidence of prestigious customers such as WHO, UNICEF, Doctors Without Borders and many Ministries of Health Affairs, who buy products in various dosage forms, which are still regular customers.
Mario Gelsomino, in this way the company to international levels significantly increasing revenue and profits reinvested always. Under his leadership and his experience comes our managerial staff composed of the sons and people of faith, laying the foundations of what will be the Alfa Intes the future.
In 2004 with the death of Mario Gelsomino, sons continue the work started by his father carrying out the complete restructuring of the company, began to adapt the environment and production processes with stringent international standards. Today, the plant is one of the most modern installations in Italy, where the commitment, dedication and energy of more than 120 people contribute daily to provide products and services for the prevention and treatment of eye diseases.

Starting from February 2014 ALFA INTES INDUSTRIA TERAPEUTICA SPLENDORE srl reorganized its business structure through the creation of a New Company ALFA INTES srl. The goal of this extraordinary reorganization: Alfa Intes-Industria Terapeutica Splendore s.r.l. decided to reorganize its business structure, in order to strengthen its presence on the market, both as manufacturer of pharmaceutical products and as supplier of surgical and diagnostic medical devices, through the creation of a new Company, having the same governance and corporate structure, but mainly focused on surgical and diagnostic field.


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