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High quality and innovative solutions for the patient and all healthcare providers involved in the ophthalmolgical segment.

Alfa Intes, a family business with more than six decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, is an italian leading ophthalmological holding. Alfa Intes Industria Terapautica Splendore is vertically integrated in all the activities of pharmaceutical value-chain for marketing of a wide range of medicinal products, medical devices and nutraceuticals indicated for a multitude of eye-care diseases and dysfunctions.

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AlfaIntes group

The respect for the person, trusting relationship with its supplier and customers and support towards governmental instutitions and the entire medical eye-care community have been guiding the decision and actions of all Alfa Intes organizational members since its birth.

Being part of Alfa Intes mission is a convinced commitment to the care and sustainability of patient vision and their quality of life and for a new way to see the future and its challenges.

AlfaIntes group
AlfaIntes group

Alfa Intes group

The Alfa Intes group consists of different subsidiaries, each of which specialized in different branches of ophthalmology.

Alfa Intes Industria Terapeutica Splendore s.r.l.

Motherboard of the holding engenged in the manufacturing, research, development and marketing of pahrmaceuticals, medical devices and nutraceuticals.

Alfa Instruments s.r.l.

Commercial company specialized in the production, distribution* and marketing of high-tech diagnostic instruments.
* Only for the italian territory

Alfa Intes s.r.l.

Commercial company specialized in the distribution* and marketing of equipment and devices for ocular surgery.
* Only for the italian territory

Md Tech s.r.l.

Company engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of intraocular lenses.


Company engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of lutein-based intraocular dyes.

Alfa Intes around the world

A global presence serving patients and healthcare professionals.

An all-Italian office that boasts long-standing partnerships with trusted international distributors, which allows us to be present in more than 37 countries around the world. A constant international growth that has allowed us to reach abroad.

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Becoming the Italian landmark for the entire eye-care community.

Its board portfolio consists of drugs, medical devices, nutraceuticals, surgical equipment and high-tech diagnostic instruments, marketed and commercialized under different subsidiaries, all engaged to the same goal: becoming the Italian landmark for the entire eye-care community .