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Uveitis is an eye disease consisting of inflammation of the uvea, the middle layer of the eyeball wall that is rich in blood vessels.

There are different types of uveitis, which are classified according to the time of onset of the disease (chronic or acute uveitis), the area of the eye affected (anterior, intermediate, posterior uveitis if it is partial uveitis; panuveitis, if it affects the entire uvea) or the causes that triggered it (infectious or non-infectious, exogenous or endogenous uveitis).

It is important to identify and treat uveitis early because, if neglected, it can cause serious vision problems and, in the worst cases, even lead to blindness.

The main symptoms vary depending on the type of uveitis, and are generally:

  • redness and pain in the eye;
  • excessive sensitivity to light (photophobia);
  • eye pain;
  • abundant tearing;
  • visual impairments (reduced, blurred vision and the presence of so-called “floaters”).

In some cases, the symptoms of uveitis may overlap with those of conjunctivitis, so it is essential to seek medical advice as soon as possible so that the correct condition can be identified and appropriate treatment can be given.

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The diagnosis of uveitis is made by a medical specialist , the ophthalmologist, after carrying out various examinations with the aid of specific equipment (such as a slit lamp, tonometer and ophthalmoscope).
To identify the cause of the uveitis, the specialist may prescribe additional, more targeted diagnostic tests, such as X-rays, blood tests or even an eye biopsy. 


The treatment of uveitis varies depending on the form of uveitis diagnosed.

In addition to topical therapy, with ointments or eye drops applied directly to the eye, the specialist may prescribe systemic therapy (by mouth or injection) with antibiotics, antivirals or antifungals (in the case of infectious uveitis) or with immunosuppressive drugs or cortisone (in non-infectious forms). Supplements containing ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties may also be prescribed.