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Press — 28/03/2022 - Admin

Alfa Intes Industria Terapeutica Splendore s.r.l. launches Kelapher 2.B with Lactoferrin

Casoria, 28 March 2022


When will it go away?!? This is the question that plagues anyone who looks in the mirror after a trauma or surgery in the eye area. It is common to find wounds and haematomas that are unsightly and sometimes painful complications of accidental events or surgery performed to remove chalazions or correct functional or aesthetic defects of the eyelids.  In the past, these problems were solved by the use of ice packs or empirical remedies. A specific and effective pharmaceutical product is now commercially available: Kelapher 2.B, a single-dose ointment based on liposomal lactoferrin

Kelapher 2.B is a patented medical device specially designed for the treatment of post-traumatic and post-surgical wounds and haematomas of the periocular skin. Its active ingredient, lactoferrin, is a completely natural protein that is present in all human body fluids, including tears, where it protects against microbial aggression. In fact, it exploits its unique chemical characteristic of binding the iron atoms with which it comes into contact, thus influencing the survival of germs.

Kelapher 2.B is the brainchild of Italian researchers who have exploited the “iron-chelating” capability of lactoferrin to respond to an unmet need that until now has received little attention in the ophthalmic pharmaceutical sector.  Lactoferrin ointment, once absorbed by the periocular skin, sequesters the iron released in the underlying tissues by the rupture of blood vessels and transports it to other parts of the body where it is metabolised. It also promotes and stimulates all the biological processes involved in the repair of skin lesions. In this way, as proven in controlled clinical studies, wounds heal more easily and haematomas disappear quickly.

The concentrated formulation of Kelapher 2.B, which is rich in liposomes and moisturising substances, is the ideal vehicle for the absorption of the active ingredient through the skin of the face, and its sterile, single-dose form allows the administration of a medicine that is always free of bacterial contamination and ready for the treatment of very delicate wounds.




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