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Corneal Neuro-protection

Ialuvit is an ophthalmic solution with a high content of sodium hyaluronate (0.5%) which, as a result of its muco-mimetic and pseudoplastic properties, is evenly distributed on the eye surface forming a viscous-elastic protective layer. It is composed by Cyanocobalamin and taurine, respectively a Bgroup vitamin and an aminoacid.


Packaging: one box of Ialuvit contains 15 resealable vials of 0.6 ml.

The information contained in this article is reserved exclusively for healthcare professionals



Ialuvit stabilises the tear film, reducing friction and stress caused by blinking and other eye movements. Cyanocobalamin and taurine, respectively a Bgroup vitamin and an aminoacid, are naturally occurring in the tissues of the anterior segment of the eye and, together with the hyaluronic acid, aid the re-epithelisation of the corneal surface. Ialuvit has been formulated in a hypotonic solution so as to offset any hyperosmolarity of the tear film and, due to its special saline solution, it restores and maintains at natural levels the concentration of important ions such as sodium, potassium and magnesium, which are paramount for a healthy eye surface.


The right dosage of Ialuvit depends on your individual condition and your eye doctor should be consulted and asked for his recommendations. As a general guideline, instil 1-2 drops of the solution in the conjunctival sac of each eye 3-4 times a day.

In order to reduce the risk of product contamination, please open the foil pouch just before you are about to use it. Detach a single vial from the strip. In order to open the vial, remove the upper flap by turning it, making sure that you place it on a clean surface so that you can use it again to close the vial after use. Instil 1-2 drops into each eye making sure the drop falls from above and ensuring that the vial does not touch your lashes or the eye surface. Close the vial by inserting the flap immediately after use. Ialuvit can also be used by contact-lens wearers.

The peculiar pink colour of Ialuvit is due to the presence in its composition of an high concentration of B12 Vitamin, which is its natural colour.